Utopia Tech Head Office Address
Al Malqa, King Fahad Road, Riyadh, K.S.A
Utopia Tech
Financial Consulting Firm
Financial Consulting Firm
Financial Consulting Firm
Financial Consulting Firm
An Integrated Cognitive City that encompasses exponentially self-reinforcing hyper-disruptive entities.
The co-living society enjoys utopian quality of life, unparalleled holistic lifestyle, and ubiquitous atmosphere for disruptive innovation.
Financial Consulting Firm
Pre-Configured & Ready “Disruptive Innovation” Opportunities
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Financial Consulting Firm
Quality of Life
Holistic Quality of Life
Economic Wellbeing
Family Values
Quality Care Giving
The integration of real-estate and lifestyle ecosystem creates micro-specialized
QoL (Quality of Life) with optimized values for individuals, households and businesses.
Inter City Geographics
Financial Consulting Firm
Innovation Framework
Ad-Hoc Mimicking
Rigorous Mimicking
Incremental Innovation
Through global R&D network, Utopia Tech brings
“pre-configured” Disruptive Innovation entities.
Relative Disruption
Global Disruption


Financial Consulting Firm
Packaged Medicaments
Packaged Medicaments
Post Downstream
Financial Consulting Firm
UtopiaTech Values

UtopiaTech Values

As an executive manager, you planned a strategy to be executed for gaining significant opportunities in the Saudi market. You know it requires the right environment for the team you managed to compose at Riyadh, in order for them to accelerate delivery of anticipated productivity.

That is the reason why we, at Hyatak Company, designed and created UtopiaTech, as an economic realestate Hub, powered by digital environment and ecosystem partners. UtopiaTech anticipates what companies and their teams need. UtopiaTech selected the right ecosystem partners, and manages to orchestrate their services and offerings — therby enabling your team to focus on their core delivery.

UtopiaTech developed a digital environment which enables your team to rapidly and consistently access required or needed commercial services and lifestyle programs, delivered at high quality and reasonable cost levels.

In fact, even beyond being at Riyadh, your team from abroad, can participate within our “Virtual Business” Hub, and cooperation with your local Riyadh team, and be able to better coordinate the execution of non-core services delivered by UtopiaTech’s ecosystem partners.

UtopiaTech is a “Cognitive City” hosting prime companies in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, as they look for an (Economic Hub) where prominent employees can work & life - to innovate “Disruptive Solutions”.

UtopiaTech is a pioneering breed of urbanization real-estate, offering companies’ employees a “collective intelligence” environment, powered by technologies, to foster Disruptive Innovation solutions.

UtopiaTech resolves major innovation dilemma (cultural, epistemological, tools & methods, technological, investment, time, …) that faces most existing companies operating in Riyadh, or foreign companies aiming to penetrate the Saudi market.

Companies that join UtopiaTech, gain an opportunity to become disruptive firms - based on innovative economic vehicle provided by UtopiaTech complimentary services that minimizes risks, while optimizing an accelerated convergence to futuristic economy.

The utopian community of companies co-live together within the Hub, as employees and residents. Companies are offered configured & specialized commercial services, including innovation and business development, to enable them to focus on their core mission, gaining rapid solutions that attract targeted customers. As residents (employees’ families), they enjoy personalized lifestyle, including wellness, nutrition, education, health, sports, and entertainment.

Rapid Disruptive Innovations
Rapid Disruptive Innovations
Why UtopiaTech?

Rapid Disruptive Innovations

Developed by Hyatak Group, UtopiaTech is an Integrated Cognitive City, that enables Disruptive Innovation entities to thrive, while significantly reduces:

  • Capital

  • Time

  • Risks

  • Operations

To Gain

  • Rapid Ownership of Disruptive Innovative Companies
  • Extend Your Business, with ..
    More Income, Loyal Customers, New Sectors

Disruptive Innovations

Real Estate + Offices + Residential + Commercial Services
+ Quality of Life
+ Disruptive Innovation Companies

Let's Discuss Your Eligibility

To give you Maximum values, we need to match our Disruptive Innovation with your needs.

Utopia Tech

Concurrent Wrapping Architecture

This framework depicts the engineering approach to UtopiaTech design and operations.

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UtopiaTech Branding
Utopia Tech

Complementary Value Anchors

The CVA are business & commercial services to empower entities in UtopiaTech

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Utopia Tech Branding
Utopia Tech

Disruptive Innovation Value Proposition

This framework depicts the engineering approach to UtopiaTech design and operations.

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UtopiaTech Branding

“Packaged Medicaments” Post Downstream HUB, at Riyadh - Saudi Arabia

In 2021, the Observatory of Economic Complexity (started originally as a research project at MIT) reported that Packaged Medicaments reached $433 Billion in world trade. Even though it represents just 2.06% of total world trade, it is the world's 8th most traded product. growing at 5.15%.

UtopiaTech will play a pivotal role in orchestrating greater values for both the Exporting and importing entities within the Packaged Medicaments industry. Saudi Arabia is a major supplier and manufacturer for required petrochemicals for such industry. In addition, the Kingdom is an efficient logistic and distribution HUB for the MENA region.

UtopiaTech is orchestrating “Disruptive Innovation” to accelerate the Economic Urbanization required to implement the Post Downstream process in Packaged Medicaments manufacturing and distribution HUB, at Riyadh - Saudi Arabia, targeting distribution to Africa & Asia.

Nominated key stack-holders will be invited to join the Hub.

The Observatory of Economic Complexity

Partners & Value Complementers

Intelligent PPP Maketplace
Intelligent Global Ecosystem
Disruptive Educational System


Digital Logistics and Supply Ecosystem
November 2023

Logiscos Team will use AI to orchestrate relevant services for UtopiaTech entities.

I3P Marketplace
July 2023

A smart Marketplace designed to stimulate economic growth, by resolving chronic engagement impediments facing Public Private Partnerships.

Disruptive Educational System
Oct 2023

Prestigious Smart School plans to deploy its services to Utopian Families.

Intelligent Global Ecosystem
August 2022

Disruptive Innovation USA Hub, FalcoViz International, sets its Roadmap for Riyadh launch by Q1 2024.

Utopia Tech
Utopia Tech Branding

Post Address

Al Malqa, King Fahad Road, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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